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Ryan Mathews has a Broken Clavicle – Will Miss 4-6 Weeks

NFL Network just reported that Chargers RB Ryan Mathews suffered a broken clavicle on his one and only carry of tonight’s preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.  This will do nothing to help Ryan erase the perception that he is a human china doll but this could be good for your fantasy team.

Based off current average draft position data, Mathews had been going in the mid to late first round.  Pending how far his stock drops because of this, he could end up being a fine value if he only ends up missing the projected 1-3 games (which might be asking a lot).  Obviously any injury is never good for a football player, but this isn’t one that should affect him any more than the dangers of playing running back in the NFL seem to already affect him.  Remember, Adrian Peterson fell to the Vikings at #7 in the 2007 NFL draft because of his broken clavicle.  Safe the say the Vikings are happy with how his shoulders have held up.

I am a staunch advocate of Ryan Mathews’ talent and think he’s had some bad luck so far in his young career.  He missed 4 games his rookie year and 2 games last year.  He’s a running back.  They get hurt.  Again, this doesn’t help change the perception of him, but I can tell you that I do not consider this injury a deal-breaker to Ryan Mathews’ fantasy success this season.  First or second round?  Not anymore.  Third?  If you’d rather be safe than sorry, sure.  Fourth?  For sure.  Fifth?  Power move.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this situation throughout the rest of the preseason, but if Mathews minus two weeks means he drops three or four rounds, that could be great considering the solid amount of rental runners that are available to start the season.

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